My Updated Supplement List

I will be updating this list overtime but get enough people asking that I thought I’d start little by little. As I buy my supplements I will update them here with links to Amazon. If you have an account with Fullscript, that is the better place bc they are delivered from the actual companies, but if you are not able to set that up with your Integrative or Naturopathic doctor, Amazon is a convenient alternative.

For Digestion Optimization

HCL with Pepsin and Gentian Bitters – breaks down your food into parts the body can use. The bitters help your body create more HCL on its own. I also recommend you take it with Zinc. If you have low HCL you likely are low in zinc too or not digesting it well. Supplementing will help stop the vicious cycle.

Pancreatic Enzymes with Pancreatin further breaks down and helps your body actually digest the protein, fats, and carbs properly. Which then help it pull the nutrients out as well.

Ox Bile – absolutely essential to anyone with a missing gallbladder, a sluggish gall bladder, or a sluggish liver. This will help you digest your fats you absolutely need for energy, hormones, and absorption of essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins.

Dandelion Tea- helps your liver produces smooth flowing bile so you don’t get the gall bladder issues that lead to removal and fat digestion issues.

Probiotics and How to Take Care of Them!

Klaire Labs Complete Probiotics – highly diverse in strain and billions of the bugs you need. Take one a day before bed.

Amy Myer’s Leaky Gut Revive – heal the damage to your gut lining from eating inflammatory foods, taking ibuprofen, and all the other crap with do to ourselves in this day and age.

Metamucil – quick and easy to way to make sure you get extra fiber in your day. This is not to replace a diet rich in cruciferous veggies or leafy greens. But a great addition to it. 🙂

Butryic Acid- this is actually a postbiotic and essential for your microbiome. If you don’t digest beans well or dont’ eat them often, you likely need this. (take it in capsule as they are kinda stinky).


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