About Me

Hemsath-77Thanks for Visiting MamaGuts! I’m Theresa and I’m a 39-year-old Wife and Mother of 4 living in San Diego County, CA.

I have had digestive issues since I was a kid and also have battled with anxiety and depression off on and on throughout all my life!

I began my health journey about 5 months after my first son was born from a C-Section deliver. (That C-section really brought to a head issues I had not dealt with). I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (just like my Daddy!) and told to take more fiber. Then sent on my merry way. I learned quickly that fiber alone was not going to resolve my issues and so started a journey that I’m still in.

Since then I have found the ability to manage my IBS and my anxiety through diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes. I’ve also learned how genetics has played one role in the whole thing (a long with antibiotic usage and lifestyle choices!) so I’m working on getting my body the right nutrients it needs along minimizing other stressors to keep my genes running smoothly.

But just like I inherited IBS from my Dad, I’ve also noticed how my kids have had health related issues due to their own gut issues. Doesn’t help that my hubby also has similar genetics!  So being the Mama that I am, I also work hard at helping my family heal their gut and keep it healthy so they too can have a healthy mind and body as well.

This blog shares what I have learned, what I am learning, and offers tips to those who are also on a health journey. I am not a doctor! But I am a well-researched Mama who has seen doctors and I help other women and men listen to their bodies and figure out how to resolve their gut and anxiety issues through trial and error with diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes. No Drugs. No Pharmaceuticals.

As a former high school English teacher and now working with my husband in marketing, I strive to provide content that is helpful, engaging, and encouraging. I also have another blog at http://theentreprenerialwife.com which I use for other topics related to my life.

I highly recommend all readers review my suggestions with their doctor and make an informed decision about their health plan.